Drugstore Superstar Products:Lubriderm Daily Moisture Line

I’m all about body lotions, and always on the look out for ¬†‘it’ products. I’ve recently tried Lubriderm body lotions and would classify them as Drugstore superstars! If you are looking for a great body lotion that works and is affordable, check out the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Line!

Lubriderm body lotions are very hydrating without an overpowering scent. Scent and how greasy a body lotion, play major part in my purchasing decision. They are deal breakers! I ¬†like my body lotion either fragrance-free or scented very lightly. I do not want it to clash with my signature fragrance Dolce & Gabbana The One, or any fragrance I’m wearing:)

I also LOVE Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Hand Cream it’s so soothing and comforting to my hands.

I would like to introduce to you two latest Lubriderm products which are hitting the shelves this August (2009):

Lubriderm Intensive Skin Repair Ointment: Clinically shown to temporarily protect and help relive dry, chapped or cracked skin providing the long-lasting protection skin needs to heal itself like healthy skin does naturally. The lightweight, specially formulated ointment works immediately to form a protective shield on the skin to protect from frying of wind and cold weather, leaving skin hydrated and more comfortable. SRP: $4.99 1.75 oz tube.

Lubridem Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Cream: Clinically shown to immediate and long-lasting relief of extra dry skin, restoring health-looking, more comfortable skin in just one week. The rich, creamy formula is infused with vitamins B5, E and Omega-3 to fortify and protect skin’s moisture barrier by conditioning skin. Additionally, the combination of glycerin, shea butter and petrolatum add extra moisturizing benefits, ideal for targeting problem dry areas like the elbows, knees and heels.

SRP: $12.72 for 16 oz jar

Where to buy: Lubriderm is available at national food, drug and mass merchandisers.

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