Exude Lipstick by Rachel Zoe

All about Exude Lipstick by Rachel Zoe. I don’t fall in love with a product just because there is a celebrity behind it. I need to be really impressed and surprised with not just a new product but innovation, something fresh, and outside the box.

Style Expert Rachel Zoe Brings High Fashion and Glamour to Lipstick with the NEW Exude Lipstick

Rachel Zoe’s new lipstick Exude does all that for me. The packaging is different, nontraditional new way of applying lipstick of a clear tube that dispenses the right amount of lipstick and I don’t have to worry my lipstick’s head falls off (does this sound familiar).

See the Exude lipstick pics here…

Mainly the formula feels super silky, smooth, and full of sexy shimmer & sparkle, and it’s long lasting. The shade I tried was Exude Lip Creme in Nude. Exude is very glamorous, high fashion, high gloss, and sexy (you heard me). Umm.. now I’m on fire to try  Exude in some kinda reddish shade, I bet it would look amazing. Well done Rachel Zoe.

I watched a video where Rachel said that one of the first things her husband noticed about her when they met was no doubt her lips. On the packaging it’s written: “Forget eyes-we think a woman’s lips are the window to her soul…” I couldn’t agree more.

Exude lipstick by Rachel Zoe

Exude lipstick by Rachel Zoe in Nude

NEW YORK CITY– August 4, 2011 – Exude Lipstick has successfully launched and is now modernizing the way women wear lipstick. Endorsed by style expert Rachel Zoe, the product appeals to the millions of women who welcome the glamour of lipstick, but know that until now the process of putting on lipstick has been anything but glamorous.

Key to the brand’s design is a revolutionary new crystal applicator which is sophisticated, smart, and chic. The applicator releases the perfect amount of lipstick each user needs. It also retains its shape over time, so women will never have to worry about their lipstick wearing down, melting or crumbling.

Exude Lipstick is currently available exclusively at www.exudelipstick.com with Rachel Zoe as its brand ambassador. Both lip crème and lip gloss versions are offered in the most popular shades and colors.

“Between the alluring color palette and the worldwide patented applicator technology, we are confident Exude will make a large splash in the marketplace,” explains Diane Breidenbach, a Co- Founder of Exude.

Enhanced with a smooth hint of mint scent, and new, complex formula, the lip crème is available in 9 colors: coral, cranberry, rosy brown, nude, brown, bronze, plum, red, and pink. The crème’s lush finish comes from the custom formula of vitamin E & C in a creamy Elastic Gel. This exceptional formula is light weight, comfortable and moisturizing. The lip gloss is available in 5 colors: crimson, brown, clear, dusty pink, and scarlet red. The custom smooth, not sticky, gloss formula hydrates your lips with an anti-aging complex of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and Goji Berry and vitamin E to protect against oxidation. Both product styles are dressed in a sleek yet chic soft touch white case and retail for $29.00.

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