GlowFusion By Fusion Beauty

New at Fusion Beauty is GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Face and Body Natural Protein Tan.  GlowFusion is a self-tanning mist that delivers a perfect shade of sun-kissed glow.  If you are tired of smelly and messy tanning lotions then this self tanning mist is made for you.  It is clear, fast drying, odor-free, streak free and doesn’t  stain your clothes.  All you  get is a sexy tan.  All these qualities are possible thanks to a micro-nutrient technology that gives you a potent blend of vitamins and powerful antioxidants to boost your skin’s appearance. Created with a pure, natural sugarcane-derived formula to work with your skin’s natural keratin proteins to create a fabulous glow.  GlowFusion is clear and dries immediately and evenly.

Glowfusion By Fusion Beauty

The good news is GlowFusion lasts up to two weeks, it is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.  GlowFusion is available in two formulas: light and medium.  Cost:  $58 for 5 oz.  Fusion Beauty was created by Randi Shinder who came out with a safe and effective alternative to collagen injections to make your lips full and sexy.  This is how LipFusion was born in 2005, the first needle-free, Topical-Injectable. 

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