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Hello Loves:) I’m thrilled to share with you my interview with Jay Olson the Artistic technical trainer for L’Oreal Professionnel Arizona, and Owner Inizio salon www.iniziosalonscottsdale.com. What made me notice Jay and and be so intrigued by him is his passion to the business and thinking big. Jay seems as though he is taking hair dressing and styling to the next level. Not just work but big career. Being the best at what you do , you see, is what makes one successful. And I love success stories.

Jay Olson top colorist and Owner Of at Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

Balayage done by Jay Olson at Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

In this interview Jay Olson talk so Marta Walsh about when he first fell in love with hair styling, what sets his Hair salon Inizio Salon in Scottsdale Arizona apart from the rest in the Valley, tells all about Balayage, answers the million dollar question: Can anyone be blonde, what he likes most about living in Phoenix Arizona, inspirations and future plans.

Marta Walsh: Where do you call home?
Jay Olson: I love calling Scottsdale my home. Being born and raised in Arizona, it feels good to be close to family and friends all while doing what I love.

MW: When did your fascination with hair begin?
JO: My fascination with hair began in junior high when I would have my own battles with my curly hair (it was unstoppable!) But, I would say that I began cutting hair during my freshman year of high school. I would cut all of my teammates hair after football and basketball practice. At that time I began observing peoples overall look of hair, makeup, clothes, and style in general.

Blonde highlights done by Jay Olson at Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

Blonde highlights done by Jay Olson at Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

Hair color by Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

What’s the differente between Balayage and Ombre?

There is a difference between Balayage and Omber. Balayage is a technique  to color or ‘paint’ the hair and Ombre is just a hair color style which is that slow transition between a base color and highlights.

MW: What sets your salon Inizio Salon in Scottsdale Arizona apart from the rest?
JO: I feel what sets Inizio apart is the intimacy. Having the stylists full attention to detail is huge for me. There are no distractions in a boutique style salon and the clients seem to feel comfortable in that atmosphere.

MW: How can one take hair dressing from just work and into the next level called career? What does it take to keep successful in the industry?
JO: The difference between work and a career is dedication. It has to be a lifelong passion for what you create. I feel that learning the foundation of classic hairdressing and also progression through continuing education is key to being successful in this industry. At L’Oreal Professionnel we always say “never stop learning”.

MW: What are some of the most requested hair colors and hairstyles at Inizio Salon?
JO: Women are still loving the ombre “lived in” look. However, I feel that balayage will be taking over that top spot soon. For cuts and styles it’s subtle, seamless layers throughout.

MW: Tell us a bit of balayage, what is it, how it is done?
JO: Balayage means “to sweep”. So in a sense the technique is a sweeping of the color or lightener through the hair. Essentially painting custom color variation throughout. I feel like balayage is elegant. Clients “women” want to feel expensive, glamorous. Its on the cover of every fashion magazine and can be personalized for anyone.

Hair by Inizio Salon Scottsdale

Hair by Inizio Salon Scottsdale

Hair color by Inizio Salon Scottsdale Arizona

MW: Is balayage suitable for those with dark brown hair who wish to stay blonde but not so flat on blonde? Foil highlights fanatics? Curly hair? Can anyone be blond?
JO: Absolutely! With balayage you can add subtle color dimension and color transition throughout brown hair to give a sun kissed look. Same goes for curly and blonde hair. Balayage is an option for 100% of clients as long as the stylist educates the client on what they will be receiving and the look to be achieved.

MW: Why I don’t see enough balayage done in Scottsdale AZ or the Phoenix Metro for that matter?
JO: The trend is just now starting to shift here in the valley. Balayage has been big in New York and the popularity has been growing on the west coast. It’s a technique that has been used in the UK forever and just now just starting to become a prominent hair color design in the US. L’Oreal Professionnel has an amazing balayage program and we see the interest throughout the community continuing to peak. It’s forecasting that it’s going to be an integral part of hair color from here on out, its about time!

MW: Have you ever seen on the street balayage or Ombre gone wrong or not done so well, like the transition between the base color and highlights too drastic and far apart? What others?
JO: The transition between two colors is so important in the ombre look. My personal preference is a beautiful seamless transition. But yes, to answer your question I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff. The terms balayage and ombre used very loosely.

MW: What hair trends cut and colors are here to stay and what is just not gonna last?
JO: I feel classic hairdressing will never go out of style. Trends are always based off classic hairdressing. Subtle color transitions, classic color, and traditional cuts. You can’t go wrong. I love classic with a custom modern touch. Lived in colors and cuts that make a woman look naturally beautiful.

MW: What’s your philosophy about beauty?
JO: My philosophy is to inspire confidence in my clients by enhancing what they naturally have. I definitely feel that less is more when it comes to beauty.

MW: What and who inspires you?
JO: Music for sure. Art, fashion, color, and shapes all inspire me but I’m mostly inspired by other hairdressers. All Hairdressers whether they have been doing hair for thirty years or they are in school. They all add a different dynamic and perspective. I believe that sharing inspires progress. As far as specific names, I could go on forever. I can say that I have become a different hairdresser since I got to work with Ted Gibson and Jason Backe. They gave me great confidence in what I do which took my passion to a whole new level. The artists that I’ve had the privilege to work with since I joined L’Oreal Professionnel have been amazing and continue to inspire me everyday.

MW: What do you love more about living in Phoenix Arizona?
JO: I feel like the culture in Phoenix has come a long way. It’s becoming a very progressive area in terms of hair and style in general. The people are down to earth and the weather is amazing. That makes for a lot of happy people!

MW: What’s next for Jay Olson and Inizio Salon?
JO: I have a new project that will be coming together in 2013. Working closely with L’Oreal Professionnel, I will be opening a new salon in Scottsdale. I plan on it being a breakthrough year and I look forward to continuing to pursue my passion in the industry.

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