Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Revlon’s Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman Created a Natural, Feminine Look for Oscar de la Renta’s Spring ’12 Collection at New York Fashion Week. Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

Backstage at Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Revlon’s Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman, paired a strong brow with a nude lip for Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012 collection, bringing forth the designer’s romantic vision of an early Renaissance woman. “I was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painters,” says Westman. “I used rich a palette of creamy, peach and nude tones to create a fresh dewy skin tone.”



Revlon Matte Eye Shadow in Rich Sable, $4.99

NEW Revlon 16H Eye Shadow in Moonlit (out in Jan. ’12), $7.49

Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner in Espresso, $8.99

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara, $7.99

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde and Brunette, $7.50


Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow in Not Just Nudes, $6.50

Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator in Pink Light, $13.99


Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in Natural, $7.99

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fashion’s Night Pout, $8.99

NEW Revlon Limited-Edition Lip Gloss Palette in Bordeaux in the Snow, $6.99


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