Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Paula Patton Oscars 2010

Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Paula Patton Oscars 2010: The Brows

The stars were shining bright on the red carpet at the Oscars last night, and it’s no coincidence that the most beautiful women there all had their brows shaped by the same person: Anastasia Soare, The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert! Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Paula Patton all had appointments with Anastasia at Anastasia Beverly Hills in the days leading up to Oscar Sunday.

Penelope Cruz

Anastasia shaped Penelope Cruz’s brows in a high full arch, making her arches bold and defined. Penelope has big, beautiful eyes that can support a high arch.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has the perfect high arch, which suits her high cheekbones. She is a perfect example of Hollywood Glamour.

Paula Patton

Paula Patton’s face has perfect symmetry and she is a medium arch so her brows are very soft. Paula has soft features and a bold brow would over power them.

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