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I love movies and very interested in the history of film. I do watch a lot of  Old Hollywood films which means TCM Turner Classic Movies channel is my best friend, ha!. Since the subject fascinates me so much I enjoy tremendously interviewing actors and actresses and talk about movies and acting. This is why I was very excited to interview Actress Rebecca Da Costa who just wrapped production on an indie action thriller Motel centering on a hit man John Cusack hired by an infamous crime boss Robert De NiroDirected by David Grovic this is a take on of an original screenplay by James Russo with a rewrite from Grovic and Paul Conway.

Rebecca Da Costa


About Rebecca Da Costa

Rebecca Da Costa was born in Recife, Brazil. At the age of fourteen, Rebecca was discovered by Elite Models Management. Shortly after she moved to Milan and began her international modeling career, debuting at Milan Fashion Week. She walked the runways for designers such as Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Escada and Hugo Boss and has been the face of campaigns for Swarovski, Nokia, GNC and Kellogg’s.

Upon her arrival in the U.S. she attended the H.B studio of Uta Hagen. She has been trained in acting, musical theatre, dance and writing. She continues her training with the renowned Larry Moss and Jeremiah Comey, and with singing coach Bruce Eckstut.

She made her screen debut in the mystery thriller L.A. I Hate You also starring Malcolm McDowell and William Forsythe, directed by Yvan Gauthier. She also played a leading role in the film Seven Below co-starring Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames.

In this interview Rebecca Da Costa talks to me about her fascination with acting, her experience co-staring with Robert De Niro and John Cusack, what it takes to have an acting career , beauty secrets, and plans for the future.

Marta Walsh: Where do you call home?
Rebecca Da Costa: Los Angeles

MW: Why have you decided on a career in acting?
RDC: I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior. Imagine if even for one minute you could be someone else… Feel their joy, their pain, walk in their shoes… It’s fascinating and very scary at the same time. The possibility to turn into a whole different person, a whole different character provides the chance to live several lives during one lifetime. I don’t know of any other form of employment that gives that option.

MW: What was it like co-starring with Robert De Niro and John Cusack in the action thriller Motel?
RDC: Mind Blowing! Obviously they are amazing artists but also extremely generous human beings. I can talk about them all day long.

MW: What have you learned from your acting role on Motel?
RDC: I learned to be flexible. John and I did a lot of improvisation which was fun but also a hell of a challenge. I also discovered the importance of having an insightful director. David Grovic brought a level of directing that created many layers to both characters and story.

Rebecca Da Costa

MW: Which actors or actresses inspire you?
RDC: Daniel Day- Lewis is my idol. He is so brilliant! He can’t do wrong! I’m dying to see him as Lincoln.

MW: What advice can you give anyone who is interested in pursuing an acting career in Hollywood?
RDC: I think I would just say one thing that applies to any career : Focus. If you want to be great in whatever you do then you have to devote yourself 100% . The worst enemy of “The Good” is “The Greatest”. It can be very hard at times but as Churchill said : If you are going through hell, keep going.

MW: What’s in your beauty bag?
RDC: Stila eyeliner is super easy to apply and always on the go for sexy “cat eyes.” Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream — I can’t leave home without it! I use it on my lips, skin, even on my hair! Stila convertible color blush (magnificent), and I just started using the skin line from Obagi Nu- Derm. I’m really happy with the results.

MW: What’s your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
RDC: Dance! I love dancing anywhere any time.

MW: Madonna or Lady Gaga?
RDC: I like both. However, after watching LadyGaga’s HBO Madison Square Garden show I became I huge fan. She is not only talented but also seems surprisingly humble.

MW: What would you do differently if you had 1 billion dollars or an unlimited amount of money?
RDC: I don’t think I would do anything differently from what I’m doing now. Although it would mean that I could finance my own movies!

MW: What’s next for Rebecca Da Costa?
RDC: Exciting things will be happening in the next few months. I’ve got a very exciting project coming up, however, I’m superstitious so I can’t talk about it too soon!

***Thank you Rebecca, Best, Marta***

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