ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick

ReVersital:The Next Generation in Microdermabrasion. Great at any age, ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick, is a multi-function anti-aging product that challenges traditional approaches to skincare by exfoliating, hydrating, brightening and firming all with one simple dial-up stick.

Created by Margaux Levy, founder of Freeze 24/7, ReVersital provides visible anti-aging benefits by improving the totality of skin’s appearance, from wrinkles and age spots to overall luminosity. The product combines a total of three skin care treatments-cleansing, microdermabrasion and hydration-in a portable, hands-free stick.

“I was overwhelmed by the thousands of skincare products on the market and their redundancy,” says Levy. “Most people don’t want to buy five different and often expensive products to attack various skincare and anti-aging concerns. With ReVersital’s triple action system you can achieve the glow you desire without major fuss. The marriage of this groundbreaking formulation with a convenient application system represents a needed breakthrough for consumers of all ages.”

Currently available online at  and at select specialty retail stores throughout the U.S., this much talked about “glow on the go” patent pending formula:

• ELIMINATES the need for three products, combining a cream, applicator and after-care product in 1 simple resurfacing stick.
• Instantly HYDRATES AND PROTECTS with bio-active moisturizers bonded to magnesium oxide crystals, producing a healthier, more luminous appearance.
• SIMPLIFIES the microdermabrasion process. No brushes, mitts, gloves, batteries, creams, serums, lotions required…AND NO APPOINTMENTS.
• PROMOTES collagen production by exfoliating dead skin cells, resulting in the elimination of hyper-pigmentation, uneven patches and ingrown hairs, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• REDUCES inflammation with beneficial herbs.

In the past, the only way to obtain fresh, radiant skin was to use messy at home concoctions, spend half the day at the spa, or commit to costly dermatologist visits. As an attorney, entrepreneur and mom, Levy found that it was difficult to spend the time to indulge in long spa visits and repeated dermatology appointments.

“I want ageless, healthy, vibrant young-looking skin as much as the next woman, but as businesswomen with families, we have to be realistic about the time we have to commit to luxury treatments.”

Levy also believes that a skincare regimen shouldn’t break the bank. While many spas charge $150 or more for one microdermabrasion treatment, ReVersital starts at $80 and one MicrodermaStick can last up to six months, with use three to four times a week.

Margaux Levy and the ReVersital skincare team host regular trunks show at Henri Bendel in New York City.

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