The New Limited Edition Banana Republic Classic Perfume

Banana Republic is reintroducing a limited edition of it’s iconic fragrance: Classic.

I must say, Classic fragrance by Banana Republic is one of my favorite fragrances as well. Classic is so fresh and easy to wear, so I’m quite excited about the new Classic Limited Edition by Banana Republic.

How do you reinvent a classic? Banana Republic sought to answer this question by updating the brand’s iconic fragrance: Classic.

Launched in 1995, the unique, citrusy fragrance was an instant favorite. Now loyal fans of the fragrance and newcomers alike will have the opportunity to experience a more sensual, intense, feminine twist on the essential scent.

As part of Banana Republic’s celebration of its 30th Anniversary, the beloved Classic fragrance has evolved into a more sophisticated scent. For the first time, Classic is formulated as an Eau de Parfum rather than an Eau de Toilette, creating a stronger, richer scent with higher fragrance concentration. Moreover, without changing any of the scent’s core notes, Banana Republic has brightened and freshened the fragrance by rebalancing the top and mid notes. The new Limited Edition Classic is formulated with increased cedarwood and teak wood notes to add body.

The original Classic packaging is redesigned with an elegant BR monogram grid on the back, housing the revamped fragrance in a modern, feminine bottle.

The new Classic is infused with the same crisp notes as the original: TOP NOTES: bergamot, grapefruit zest, mandarin citrus, and green leafy notes. MID NOTES: lavender, honeysuckle, silver sage and syringa flower. DRYDOWN: cedar wood, ginger, musk and teak wood.

Limited Edition Classic is $48.00 for 100mL. The fragrance is available online at and in Banana Republic stores nationwide for a limited time only, from August-December 2008.

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