V by Terry Richardson

Sneak peek photos from V MAGAZINE and its “New York Issue” of notable NYC social women Barbara Bush, Minnie Mortimer, Maggie Betts, Allison Sarofim, Rachel Roy, Shoshanna Gruss, Dr. Lisa Airan, and Byrdie Bell for the upcoming V67. V67 does not hit newsstands until September 2nd, 2010. Photographer: Terry Richardson. Styling: Jay Massacret.

V MAGAZINE “High Society”. The City in the 70’s had Lauren, Bianca, and Marisa, Who Knew Everyone, Went Everywhere, and Looked Fabulous Doing So. These Days Manhattan is Still a Girl’s Club but Its Members Aren’t Just Sitting Pretty – They’re Producing Films, Launching Fashion Lines, and Making New York a More Beautiful Place One Face at a Time.

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