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How To Punch up your beauty routine With Crest Whitening Expressions

Crest Whitening Expressions, a line of flavored toothpastes, now offers bolder-than-before tastes to kick up your morning brushing routine while whitening teeth!

The four unique flavors: Cinnamon Rush, Refreshing Vanilla Mint, Extreme Herbal Mint, and new Wintergreen Ice, are the perfect accessory to wind down Summer and gear up for Fall — and are sure to punch up your beauty routine!

Add some extreme into your life with a green eye shadow like Jada Pinkett Smith who layered emerald and moss eye shadows for an unexpectedly sophisticated style (via:

Rihanna’s green nails or green nail polish at MTV Movie Awards 2008.


Crest Whitening Expressions in Extreme Herbal Mint.