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How To Instantly Save Your Summer Outfit With Miss Oops

This is how to instantly save your summer outfit with Miss Oops:

Summers styles mean less fabric and more potential for oops moments, from indecent exposure in a strapless dress to tacky panty lines in short-shorts. Whether you’re walking the red carpet or the city streets this summer, Miss Oops has fashion solutions that stop oops incidents in their tracks:

Miss Oops Mishap Tape ($6.99)-Gaping blouses, loose straps, screwy hemlines, puckered pockets, flapping belts-whatever your mishap, Miss Oops! Mishap Tape has got you covered. This stretchy double-sided apparel tape is unlike any other, as it actually moves with your body and your clothes. Mishap Tape is made with hypo-allergenic adhesive, so fabric gently sticks to skin or other fabric. Mishap Tape comes in 2 sizes, 36 strips to a box.

Miss Oops Mishap Tape