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Jay Manuel Interviews With Marta Walsh

Blast from the past. I stumbled upon a vintage interview I did with the fabulous Jay Manuel from back in early 2008. I actually had the honor to speak to Mr Manuel over the phone and he’s incredibly fascinating person with an uplifting energy. So here it is. In this interview Jay talks about how his passion for style began, his first break working for a famous opera singer, his own cosmetics line: Manual Override, and what a day is really like for him at a major award show.

Jay Manuel

Marta Walsh: When did your fascination with style and beauty begin?
Jay Manuel: When I was quite young, Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married and I was obsessed with the train. Also, in high school when I was on a science track and studying pre-med, I was always fascinated with style. My sister and I laugh about it now, if you look at pictures of me and my room growing up, all my walls had magazine ads. I even had double-page ads from Saks Fifth Avenue. I didn’t even know what Saks meant.