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Lauren Hutton Face Disc

Introducing Naturals By Lauren Hutton: Think:  Naturally ageless makeup.

In the days of the “Mod” look (60’s heavy HEAVY makeup!), she quietly, cover by cover, snuck in the natural look, and kept it! When she returned to modeling at age 47, Lauren Hutton had created her own makeup in her kitchen. Existing cosmetics contained strong pigment, heavy filler, mica and pearl for collagen plumped-water-filled youthful skin. They made her look older and artificial, instead of natural. Eight years ago, after a near-death motorcycle accident, she finally had the time to make it for all women and wanted it to be fast, easy and pragmatic with the best ingredients, while remaining affordable for everyone.

• The original color-coded face disc has sold close to 1 million units now.
• The sensible evolution was to go to (100%!) all natural formulas.

With Naturals by Lauren Hutton, women don’t have to choose between anti-aging care and natural ingredients. Naturals by Lauren Hutton was developed to meet the rigorous standards of the Natural Products Association, providing naturally efficacious makeup products.