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How to Play Red Carpet Bingo

When we watch just about any awards show, the same things happen over and over again. These clichés have become pretty predictable, usually the order of events is the only thing that changes. We’ve decided to give these shows life again with Red Carpet Bingo!


Watching out for the looks and designers that make an appearance on the red carpet is only half the fun of this game. Making up the board is a brilliant chance to rewatch some of your favourite red carpet moments to really make it more fun. You’ll need to come up with a few different ones and then place them in varying orders on bingo cards.

With awards season on its way, you can brush up on how to play on bingo sites like These bingo sites usually have really comprehensive guides on how to play games that you can transfer over to your red carpet games. You’ll get a feel for how the games work and you might even get some inspiration too.