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MOXIE: Goodbye Boring

I love great inventions and MOXIE is one of them!

Moxie is a NEW range of chic, girly, sanitary pads and panty liners bringing a touch of fabulousness to the dreaded ‘time of the month.’ The packaging is SO cute!

To combat issues that have annoyed women for decades, including cheap, flimsy packaging that breaks open causing your feminine hygiene products to spill into (or out of) your handbag, each Moxie pack comes with a 100% recyclable, re-usable and discreet 1930’s-esque tin.

No more hiding your products in the back of your bathroom closet or stuffing them in your sleeve when you go to the bathroom at work – think once you try Moxie, you’ll never grab anything else.

MOXIE the complete range:

Moxie Slenders Pads: Slenders pads come in a gorgeous pink candy-striped boudoir box with a real black bow. Slenders even come with a 100% recyclable tin compact that is oh-so purse-worthy (designed to fit three pads inside). SRP: $6.49 for 12 pack.