Advance Techniques Professional Hair Care by Avon

Advance Techniques Professional Hair Care by Avon is one one favorite hair care lines. I particularity in love with their Dry Ends Serum which is an amazing styling product for blow drying hair straight. It never wights your hair down even if mistakenly I apply more than needed (sounds familiar?). Also from the Advance Techniques Daily Results collection: Mirror Shine Spray to add gloss and shine to hair and Anti-Frizz Capsules to tame and smooth frizzy hair.

L to R: Advance Techniques by Avon Mirror Shine, Dry End Serum, Anti-Frizz Capsules

Another great hair care colleciton from Advance Techniques is their True Blonde designed specially for natural or color-treated blondes. I love the Strengthening Shampoo because it really cleanse my hair from impurities and product residue. Also from True Blonde collection worth trying is their Tone & Protect Leave-In Spray which is designed to neutralize yellow and brassy tones on blonde hair. Lastly, I like to add that the products smell great.

L to R: Advance Techniques by Avon True Blonde Strengthening Shampoo, Tone & Protect Leave-In Spray

Lastly, Advance Techniques Power Styling Super Straight Smoothing Balm an essential for getting your hair smooth and straight.

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