Are You Using Lip Balm?

Lip balm is one of beauty’s best kept secrets. While so many women and girls prefer lip gloss or lipstick, lip balm can actually benefit you in a number of ways. You should always have a vial or tube of lip balm in your purse or pocket, especially during the colder seasons of late fall and winter. Here are the reasons why you should be using lip balm.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

The biggest reason you should use lip balm is that it moisturizes. The skin of your lips is thinner than that of the rest of your face, which is why it is so easy for them to become chapped during the winter when the temperatures take a dive. When your lips are chapped or cracked, you can revive them simply with a few swipes of your favorite lip balm, such as EOS with its numerous varieties of flavors.

Your lips are also made much softer when you use lip balm. That makes them more attractive, plush and kissable. The softening effect comes about because many lip balms include ingredients meant to nourish the lips.

If your lips feel irritated because of dryness, being burnt from too much sun exposure or because you have eaten spicy or salty food, a swipe of your lip balm can make them feel much better. Today’s lip balms, especially those that are made up of organic ingredients, can instantly provide relief from such discomfort.

Depending on the kind of lip balm you use, you can also add a touch of color when you apply the product to your lips. Many lip balms are pigmented with a sheer, subtle color or with a shine. This is a great option to wearing traditional lipstick or even lip gloss, which can dry out and feel cakey over the course of a few hours.

There are many scents and flavors of lip balm from which to choose. For instance, EOS carries multiple varieties that both protect your lips and have a wonderful flavor as well. Some examples include coconut milk, summer fruit, sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry and strawberry sorbet.

One of the most surprising reasons you should be using lip balm is that it can actually prevent aging. When you select one that includes SPF, especially when you go outdoors in the sun, you can protect the skin of your lips and fight against the effects of aging.

Lip balm is also completely unisex when it lacks color. That means you can share it with your boyfriend or husband, or the men can get their own tubes to use when their lips get dry and chapped.

These are only some of the reasons why you should be using lip balm. Your lips will thank you when you get into the good habit of using this incredible product.

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