Armani Privé Spring 2011 Couture

SPRING 2011 COUTURE: Armani Privé. Hair by Oribe. The look for Armani Privé was about controlling the hair and mirroring the shape of the head. Because the models wore sleek Philip Treacy hats, Oribe wanted to keep the hair as tight as possible.

“Before I went to Paris, I knew the new collection was going to be super-modern and slick, so I had prepared several different ideas for Mr. Armani…just a few options to keep the hair small and compact. (One option we didn’t end up choosing was extremely short hair…maybe next season!) ..

“We worked together to come up with the perfect style. We tried a variety of hair wraps, but he liked this concept the best – the simpler the wrap, the better.”-Oribe


1. After finishing blow dry of hair, make a center part and divide the hair into two sections.

2. Hold or secure hair at the temple area on both sides – almost like you’re gathering pigtails – and spray Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray lightly throughout to keep the hair smooth.

*With this wrap, you need to sweep hair from the left section over to the right side of the head, and vice versa…the hair will crisscross low in back make a turban shape.

3. Take the left section and wrap it around the back of the head, then sweep it up to the front right-hand side. Pin the hair in front, and anywhere along the way where you need to control the hair and keep it close to the head. It’s all about keeping the hair small and tight, and keeping a clean shape around the ear. As you go, you can use more Oribe Imperméable for streamlining hair and fly-aways

4. Complete the same process with the right section of hair. Secure with more pins, and use Oribe Imperméable when needed.

5. After the wrap process and pinning is complete, spray the hair with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray for shine, polish and hold.

6. Finish with a round of Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray if you want to keep the hair especially locked into place.

7. Once the hair spray is dry, you can remove some of the pins for a more polished look.

8. Top off the style with a hat or hairpiece, or just wear it alone.

*The key to this look is taking your time and keeping the hair smooth. It’s a beautiful, interesting way of wrapping the hair and evenly distributing it across the whole head. It’s OK to break the rules, as long as the end result is polished and even.

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