Bridal Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2010

Bridal Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2010 with Redken: Soft, loose looks – whether in ponytails, relaxed chignons, or a textured French pleat, dominated the Fall/Winter 2010 Bridal Fashion Week hairstyles in New York City this spring!

Bridal hair at Amsale

To compliment the lavish, detailed gowns for the coming season, Redken Session Stylist Giovanni Giuntoli focused on a soft, feminine approach to the hair to spotlight the beautifully bare shoulders and detailed designs of the gowns at the Amsale, Christos and Kenneth Pool shows. When it comes to bridal hair, “Balance is key to everything,” says Giuntoli. “Just because a dress is simple or the gown is elaborate doesn’t necessarily mean the hair has to be the exact same feel. Big gowns can work with simple hair and vice versa.”

How to get this bridal hair: At Amsale, the look was inspired by a soft approach: “The hair at Amsale had a soft but elegant approach to the classic ponytail,” said Giuntoli. To create, he prepped with Redken touch control 05 volumizing texture whip on dry hair and then misted spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray all over while hair was down. Then he created a strong center part and curled mid-shaft to ends with a curling iron, rolling the curls away from the face to create movement. He clipped while curls were cooling and then use a wide toothed comb to loosen the curls and create a bit of texture. Then, hair was gathered into a ponytail and a small section of hair was wrapped around the elastic and secured underneath the ponytail.


How to get this bridal hair: The undone chignon at Christos put a playful spin on the classic bun,” remarked Giuntoli. To create, Giuntoli created a ponytail in the back of the head and prepped with Style Connection wool shake 08 gel-slush texturizer. Then, using a large barrel iron, he created a slight ‘bend’ in the hair by wrapping large pieces around the iron. Once hair was finished, he gathered into a chignon. “Make sure to pin as you swirl the ponytail around itself into the bun but leave a 1-2 inch section out of the updo.” Says Giuntoli, “This really puts a modern touch on the otherwise simple style.” To secure entire look, use a hairspray like headplay 12 pliable working spray to secure fly away without making the updo too shiny or sticky.

Kenneth Pool

How to get this bridal hair: The ultra lavish Kenneth Pool put on a finale to the trifecta of shows that really wowed the crowd. To compliment the detailed and intricate beading and fabrics of the Pool designs, Giuntoli created a classic French pleat, but updated with slight texture and extra height at the crown of the head. To create, dry hair was prepped with Redken touch control 05 volumizing texture whip and blow-dried through for added volume. Next, Giuntoli blow-dryed the rest of the hair towards the back of the head and gathered into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. To create the pleat, he twisted the hair in upon itself as he moved up to the crown of the head securing along with hair pins. To tuck the ends of the tail in, Giuntoli recommends curling the ends with a one-inch curling iron so they will easily tuck into the twist. Place the end pieces in and pin with hair pins so none of the ends can be seen. To finish spritz with vinyl glam 02 mega shine spray for shine.

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