Dayna Devon and the JUVÉDERM Switch Up Campaign

Allergan, Inc. has announced the national launch of the JUVÉDERM “Switch Up” campaign, spearheaded by television personality Dayna Devon who will share ways to maintain a fresh appearance as women approach milestone birthdays.

Devon, who turns 40 this month and is a mother of two young children, has developed an easy strategy for women to switch up their current routines and take advantage of effective medical aesthetic treatments including JUVÉDERM dermal filler, the number-one selling hyaluronic acid dermal filler in the United States.

“I’m celebrating the ‘big 4-0’ this year so there’s no better time than now to switch up my routine to help me look and feel like the best version of myself,” said Dayna Devon. “As a mom, wife and TV host, I’m always on the go and have little time for myself but I still want to look my best. In my 30s, I began receiving treatment with a dermal filler when I noticed these deep lines starting to form around my nose and mouth that looked like two parentheses and couldn’t be filled in with the creams I was using.”

Devon continued, “When JUVÉDERM became available a few years ago, I switched because it has a smooth formulation and is the only dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid that is approved to last up to one year from initial treatment. Now a new formulation called JUVÉDERM XC includes lidocaine and is available, so I am even more excited about the treatment because I get the same smooth, natural-looking results with a more comfortable injection experience. Plus, I don’t have to spend time waiting for the messy topical anesthetic to take effect.”

Women who want to switch up their routines can become a “fan” of the official JUVÉDERM Facebook page to receive personal tips on how to maintain their best appearance from Dayna Devon every month. In addition to her experiences with JUVÉDERM treatment, Devon will also share tips on energizing fitness routines, making health a priority and expanding horizons with new hobbies to help women look and feel their best.

Derek Jones, M.D., renowned Los-Angeles based dermatologist, says milestone birthdays are the perfect time for patients to switch up their aesthetic routines. “Just like our bodies, skin changes as we age,” said Dr. Jones. “One common complaint I hear from my patients in their 30s and 40s is the appearance of the pesky parentheses due to lost facial volume. To treat those lines, I have been recommending JUVÉDERM smooth-consistency dermal fillers for years and now JUVÉDERM XC with lidocaine offers my patients another reason to make the switch.”

Robert Grant, president of Allergan Medical, a division of Allergan, Inc. said, “Our JUVÉDERM ‘Switch Up’ campaign is a great way to educate women and men about hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments and encourage them to have a dialogue with a licensed and trained aesthetic-specialty physician about clinically proven treatments that deliver on the promise to help treat wrinkles in the lower part of the face.”

For more information, please click on the “About Safety” link at or call the Allergan Product Support line at 1-877-345-5372. JUVÉDERM® injectable gel is available by prescription only.

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