Essence of Beauty Juniper & Citrus Body Lotion & Body Mist

One of the greatest things about being a beauty blogger is getting in the inside or behind the scenes of beauty products. I’m absolutely fascinated with product development. And it’s also one of the reasons why I love to interview beauty brands creators. I’m interested in the creative process and picking their brains. In February 2010, while I was in New York City covering Fashion Week I was invited by CVS/pharmacy to stop by at their Reinventing Beauty Lounge at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratories and to test out or ‘sniff’ their Latest upcoming new scents for their Essence of Beauty body care line.

I had to choose between couple of scnets, without knowing their names and pick the one I believed should incorporated into a new scent colleciton. I just find out that my choice Juniper & Citrus got picked up and is now the final product. Juniper & Citrus was names Lemon Tea at testing and was competing against Tangerine Clementine. The line should hit shelves end of May 2010. Fascinating! The fragrance notes include: sweet tea leaves, Juniper berries and citrus. Also in the upcoming weeks, the Wildflowers, Bergamot Sandalwood and Romantic Bouquet scents will join the shelves next to Juniper & Citrus exclusively at CVS/Pharmacy.

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