Heidi Klum Interviews With Marta Walsh

Last year or so, I was given an incredible chance to ask Heidi Klum some questions on her red carpet beauty secrets and Victoria’s Secret Beauty and makeup. I thought to share!

Marta Walsh: How do you decide on a hair style for the red carpet?
Heidi Klum: The dress inspires everything. I’ll put on the dress the day of the event and we’ll collaborate on what kind of hair and makeup will look best.

MW: In what way is red carpet makeup different than any other day or event?
HK: Red carpet beauty prep is a little different because you usually have more time to get ready and it HK: becomes a fun, girly event. We joke around and sip a little champagne. It’s really fun and festive. And, red carpet makeup can be a little bolder and more adventurous when you’re wearing a dramatic evening gown.

MW: Is there any beauty do’s or don’t’s before the big red carpet day?
HK: I try to live a healthy balanced life always, so I don’t do anything different before the big day. I think you get into trouble if you’re experimenting with crazy or drastic beauty treatments the day before!

But, I do like to have sun-kissed skin for the red carpet, so I apply Bare Bronze Gleaming Self Tan Tint mixed with Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer the day before. Top with a little Sexy Little Things Shimmer Powder and you’re glowing for the red carpet!

Heidi’s Red Carpet secrets are…

I collaborate with my style team in advance to discuss hair, make-up and clothes to make sure we are all up-to-date on the latest trends. I visit New York Fashion Week before the Oscars to see the latest trends. I work with artist Linda Hay on picking the newest products from Very Sexy Makeup Collection.

Products that I use that are great for red carpet looks: Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper. The perfect red carpet product, it PLUMPS and SMOOTHS lips. Good for the red carpet if you want lips to be the focal point. New Very Voluptuous Extreme Volume Mascara. For lush, unbelievably thick, eye opening lashes. Defines and lengthens while creating ultra-voluminous, clump-free lashes in just one sweep.

Very Sexy Makeup Mosaic Bronzer: Blend and dust over cheeks, forehead and nose, for sparkling skin, great for red carpet pictures. Oscars Make-up needs to last from the red carpet, through the show, to the after parties Mosaic Bronzer gives skin a quick “pick-me-up” by adding a touch of bronze to he face.

Skin? How do I make my skin shine, and glimmer? How does it look sexy from day to evening? How does it last? I use the Very Sexy Make-up Mosaic Bronzer, which instantly kisses skin with a natural bronze glow. Red Carpet Ready means red carpet skin ready! This year, I will be focusing on my skin just as much as my hair, dress and make-up. Using Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze Captivating Shimmer Mist, I just spray in on my chest, arms and legs for instant gleaming moisture. It leaves my skin silky smooth, shimmery and kissed with a great Bare Bronze scent.

My Makeup.. It is true – I am a makeup junkie. I love playing with makeup and experimenting with different looks that are fun, but natural. On Sunday, I will be sporting a look from the newest collection from Victoria’s Secret Beauty: Very Sexy make-up Diamonds, this collection is infused with real crushed diamonds to capture and reflect light, creating multi-faceted color and over-the-top sparkle for eyes, lips and face!

My hair… SEXY is the buzz word for beauty, especially during the Oscars. Smoky eyes, shimmering skin, glossy lips and voluptuous, sexy hair. Victoria’s Secret has created a So Sexy collection for the hair that will be seen all over the red carpet.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Linda Hay interview with Marta Walsh

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