HSN Faces of Beautiful You-Episode Two

Make sure you watch HSN & FanRocket Faces of Beautiful You-Episode Two-Perfect Eyes on the Prize!

In this episode of Faces of Beautiful You, Smith takes her time getting ready for her big interview at a luxury spa, a sight unseen for Nicki, who pressures her to begin her usually time consuming beauty routine. Smith, however, feels no pressure thanks to her new discovery kit: EYES BY DESIGN The Ultimate Eye Set.

Talking Makeup got a sneak peek to EYES BY DESIGN The Ultimate Eye Set. Here is our review: This kit is everything you need for your eyes! All the products in the EYES BY DESIGN kit work together to give you a timeless and classic eye makeup look. All you need to do is pick up your shade. Note, the pigment in the Transforming Eye Palette eye shadows is superbly rich and applies beautifully. The volumizing Mascara is my new beauty obsession and just entered Talking Makeup’s top mascaras list.

Flawless eyes are in your future. Take the guesswork out of makeup application with this complete line of innovative skin care and makeup created expressly for the eyes. Combined with simple, expert advice, EYES BY DESIGN gives you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve beautiful eyes-every time.

The Eye Palette Shades:

Blue Eyes – Peach Shimmer, Taupe, Plum Brown, Bronze.
Green Eyes – Golden Lime, Olive Shimmer, Purple.
Brown Eyes – Vanilla Beige, Caramel, Coffee Brown, Green.
Hazel Eyes – Iridescent Pink, Golden Taupe, Brown Shimmer, Pink.

EYES BY DESIGN The Ultimate Eye Set Includes:

1. .5 oz. Transforming Eye Cream.
2. .12 oz. Retouching Cream.
3. .16 oz. Transforming Eye Palette.
4. .28 oz. Volumizing Mascara.
5. Lining Brush with Gripper.
6. Blending Brush with Gripper.

EYES BY DESIGN The Ultimate Eye Set is available at HSN.com

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