Living Proof Hold Hairspray

Living Proof, the beauty company that revolutionized the industry with No Frizz and Full Thickening Cream, is launching its latest innovation just in time for summer 2010! New Hold Hairspray is a reinvention of traditional hairspray with flexible hold and ultimate control, plus exclusive humidity-blocking technology PolyfluoroEster. Hold Hairspray provides all day protection for everyday styles, yet allows for movement, softness and incredible shine.

Living Proof’s team of scientists understood the limitations of existing stiff, brittle polymers used in most hairspray formulas: they feel like glue, flake in the hair, dry to a dull finish and fail to stand up to the elements. For Hold, they created a blend of new polymers that when combined form a flexible “web,” joining the strands but never freezing them into place.

They also discovered that the addition of Living Proof’s proprietary PolyfluoroEster technology provides not only incredible humidity protection to help styles survive the toughest weather conditions, but also actually manipulates the properties of the polymer blend in a way that makes it deposit more evenly onto hair. This even deposition prevents a hard, sticky build-up. Hair holds its style beautifully and completely, yet moves naturally and never looks too stiff or shellacked. PolyfluoroEster also allows the holding polymers to remain flexible so Hold will not flake or leave hair looking dull, no matter how many times you layer it. Hair retains its shape, incredible shine and flexibility, making the use of Hold virtually foolproof.

Living Proof’s Hold Hairspray is available at Sephora, QVC and beginning in May 2010; $24, travel $14.

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