Marta’s Top 3 Avon Makeup Products

I would love to share with you my top Avon makeup products!

1. Avon spectra lash mascara: Just twist the dial on the bottom of mascara to intensify the thickness of your lashes! I call it the ‘magic dial’:)

2. Avon glossy lip pencil: A lip liner and a lip gloss in one! What a brilliant idea. Perfect for getting a natural lip line and for summer makeup when we need to keep things light!

Marta’s favorite Avon glossy lip pencil shades: glossy sand, glossy sunset, & glossy rose.

3. The latest lip color collection from Avon!  Truly innovative lipgloss and lipstick collection that will save you money, space, and time!

Avon Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand

 Avon Spectra Color Lipstick

 Avon Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick

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