Stella McCartney Solid Perfume Necklace

Stella McCartney debuts Solid Perfume Necklace. Classic STELLA in a modern necklace. A fashionable take on fragrance. With the introduction of her limited-edition STELLA necklace, Stella McCartney lets you wear the cult favorite fragrance in more way than one. Tucked away in a round locket stamped with the Stella McCartney logo, the fragrance is always at your fingertips when you wear it around your neck.

The embellished necklace allows for a discreet dab of perfume at any moment—a sensual embodiment of STELLA’s inherent femininity and mystery. Just slyly slide open the charm to apply a hint of STELLA anytime, anywhere—the sensual scent goes wherever you do.

Inspired by a ripe rose on the verge of wilting, STELLA is a study in the contrast of strength and fragility, evoking the traditional femininity and sensuality of the rose with a dynamic, modern spirit. The head notes feature Rose Essence infused with Peony Flower and Mandarin Essence to form a harmony of seduction, delicacy and confidence. An intense heart of Rose Absolute leads to a carnal, sexy base of Amber that embraces the skin. SRP $49

Available at: Sephora and

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