Tweezerman Pro Curl Curler

Looking for a new eye lash curler? Tweezerman Pro Curl Curler ($20) comes with a distinctive rose gold design and it is ergonomically crafted for a pinch-proof precision. Perfectly designed to fit all eye shapes.

Key Benefits:
Larger opening area for ease of use

Thick, rounded silicone pad ensures an always-intense curl

Narrower top bar adapts to all types of eye shapes

Reworked angles create the ultimate leverage for the best curl

Doubled body design for exceptional comfort, leverage and strength

How to use Tweezerman Pro Curl Curler:

1. With eye opened wide and pad positioned at the base of lash-line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze

2. Hold a few seconds, open curler completely and gently release lashes

3. Repeat, moving all the way up to lash tips to create a more dramatically sweeping curve

4. Apply mascara and follow up with Tweezerman Ilashcomb for an even more flawless, clump-free curl

5. Remember to clean curler after each use with an alcohol dampened cotton ball

6. Replace curler pad after three months and curler between 6-9 months

The Tweezerman Pro-Curl Curler is available exclusively at Sephora stores nationwide and at

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