Not sure if you know this about me but not only I’m a beauty addict but I’m also very much into fashion & style. They all intertwine, don’t they? I like to have my hair and makeup beautifully done but I also like to make a presence with a great sense for style. In addition to just loving to dress up, I’m also fascinated with fashion history and watch many documentaries about it (they happen to be English ones). Really my dream one day is to have my own travel and fashion show. Anyways, BALMAIN is my latest fashion obsession. If I had to design my own clothes they would come out BALMAIN. They are so Marta Walsh. Their collections are very rock and roll with timeless elegance and with a bit of party and fun spirit attached to them.

LOVE love love this BALMAIN dress! I want it xo Marta Walsh

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