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Behind the Scenes at the Elizabeth Arden Pretty Advertising Shoot

The concept for Pretty advertising and TV campaign was created by Mark Dixon, Vice President Creative Director, Elizabeth Arden.

Behind the Scenes at the Pretty Advertising Shoot.

What was the inspiration for the Pretty campaign?
“I’ve always enjoyed watching a woman apply her makeup and get ready to go out. It started with my mother and sisters. There’s is a real one-on-one connection between a woman and a mirror. The idea for the TV was to capture that sweet, personal moment between a woman and a mirror when she pleasingly sees that she’s pretty-and how being pretty affects everything around her.”

For the print portion of the shoot we wanted to capture an image that defines “pretty” in a single image-from the model and mirror to the wardrobe, furniture, props and of course that amazing wallpaper.”

The print and television advertising was co-directed by husband and wife team, photographer Coliena Rentmeester and film director Tom Dey.

How did you create the look for pretty print and TV advertising?

Coliena Rentmeester, Photographer: “We were inspired by the name Pretty. For the visual images we started with the idea of using the wallpaper, enlarging the flowers, adding more flowers in the same palette for an excessive, dramatic, warm environment. We wanted to use the colors of the floral itself, to keep it tonal. And the lightning is essential to create a mood. We want someone to look it and say. “That’s really pretty.'”