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The 2010 CFDA Vogue Fashion Funders

Sneak Peek: The nerves were palpable this morning at the Condé Nast offices, where ten promising young designers of womenswear, menswear, and accessories appeared one by one before the selection panel to present who they are and what they’re about in heart-stopping fifteen-minute time slots. Between presentations, filming, and photographs, each candidate took time out to give Vogue the lowdown on the process. Some were meeting for the first time, others were in competition with their friends, but all’s fair in love and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. . . .

Joseph Altuzarra, Altuzarra. Photo: VOGUE/Evan Sung

1. Joseph Altuzarra, Altuzarra

Describe in five words what your label is about.
“Seduction, power, strength, femininity, tailoring.”

GQ Releases First Monthly Reader App Optimized for iPad

GQ launches the first monthly magazine reader application optimized exclusively for the iPad, a digital version of the April 2010 issue featuring Shia LaBeouf on the cover. GQ is the first Condé Nast magazine to be available on the iPad.

“This seems not only like an exciting moment in publishing but the first bright, backlit day of a new era, so GQ is proud to be right there at the launch of it,” said Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ.

“What’s important here is that we’re using technology to complement our mission, not compete with it,” said Michael Hainey, deputy editor of GQ, who oversaw the creation of the app. “With the iPad, readers can now purchase an entire issue of GQ—every word, every photograph, every ad that’s in the print edition—in digital form. They can even buy back issues. We’re giving fans of GQ the opportunity to read GQ wherever they want to—and buy that month’s issue wherever they are. I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished and am excited about where we will go from here.”