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Panty Lines at Blue & Cream With Russell Simmons

Looks like Blue & Cream attracts the hottest celebs to their store parties in NYC, and I can’t wait to finally make it to one of them. It’s gonna happen. I have a feeling:)

Talking Makeup is excited to share with you the recap from the VPL’s Fall ‘09 debut by fabulous Laura Katzenberg:

It was a hot and humid Saturday on July 25th and as the sun began to set, Blue & Cream East Hampton’s Friends+Family turned up for VPL’s Fall ‘09 debut. Creator of VPL and well known stylist Victoria Bartlett was on hand with her best friend, socialite, Arden Wohl to show off her infamous layered looks and explain to fans including Sonja Von Bebber and model Anette Griffell her concept of bringing inner wear out.

Russell Simmons and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Victoria Secret Model, Julie Henderson were first on the scene. Julie got a head start checking out VPL’s summer items on sale as well as what’s new for Fall but it only lasted briefly until Russell came inside and grabbed her to head to Bridgehampton Polo.

UES & Svedka on the Bowery with Blue&Cream

Blue&Cream’s mid-summer trunkshow on the Bowery for UES brought out a mix of who’s who in NY nightlife drinking Svedka mixologist Alex Ott’s Summer Melon concoctions. For those underage NYC prep kids, Jessie Leavitt, PC, and Aaron Reid (son of LA Reid)- Mister Softee and the nice old Delicio Coco Helado man was on hand to serve ice cream and icey fruit treats.Eleanor Lembo started the event looking svelte in a black jumpsuit only 3 weeks after giving birth to prodigal son, Allistair. Allistair got his first taste of Blue&Cream — and he is so cute.

NYC prep kids:Jessie Leavitt (center)

Socialites Alexandra Richards and Laura Katzenberg posed under the picture of Patti Hansen (Alex+Theo’s mom) which is hanging from Patrick Mcmullan’s Big Picture photo exhibition. Later Alexandra met Nick Cohen at the dj booth to spin a set.