Dolce & Gabbana Show Milan 2011

At Sunday’s, February 27th, 2011, during Milan Fashion WeekDolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Redken Creative Consultant Guido finished Milan Fashion Week by creating two separate looks – one feminine, a Sicilian-inspired loose twisted chignon and the other a bit more masculine, a French twist quiff.

Dolce & Gabbana Show Milan 2011 the hairstyle

“The looks at Dolce & Gabbana were a classic play on femme fatale, where women played with their masculine and feminine sides, it is very fun and liberating. The feminine look is how I would imagine a Sicilian woman to put her hair up for the day in a soft updo – very matronly and womanly.”

Redken Products & how to hair tutorial

Feminine: layer lift 07 length elevating spray gel + forceful 23 super strength finishing spray

Masculine: structure wax 17 classic styling wax + forceful 23 super strength finishing spray

Create the Look


Prep hair with layer lift 07 for extra body and volume and roll 4 large rollers in crown portion of head.

Take out rollers and create a big beautiful blow with messy center parting to help prep for the updo making sure to blow dry the front bang portion forward over the forehead.

Lightly twist sections on either side until they meet in the back of the head and secure with pins.

Gather rest of hair and twist into a very loose chignon pinning into a swirled chignon.

Let bits fall out naturally around the face.

Finish with forceful 23 for added hold but spray lightly as to not look weighed down or heavy.


Prep hair with generous amounts of structure wax 17 classic styling wax.

Leave out a section at the front and pin this up into the 50s looking quiff.

Part on the side and gather hair at nape of neck and twist up toward top of head pinning as you go up. Until all hair is pinned in.

Pull out bits on the side just in front of the ears and let drop down 2 inches to create ‘sideburns’ and then secure remaining end of hair back into the rest of the updo.

Finish with heavy amounts of forceful 23 to hold the look in place.

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