Giorgio Armani Beauty’s New Crema Nera Eye Compact

Giorgio Armani Beauty launches its latest skin care project – Crema Nera Eye Compact.

It debuted at the opening of Giorgio Armani’s flagship store in NYC, Armani/Fifth Avenue, on his celebrity friends Molly Sims and January Jones, who both looked radiant. Crema Nera Eye Compact kept them looking fresh faced and glowing, perfect for the celebration of such a spectacular occasion!

Molly Sims.

Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Celebrity Makeup Artist and National Artistic Director, explains the importance of skincare before makeup application. Tim’s advice is: “A great look starts with glowing skin. I always like to start by applying a restorative cream like Crema Nera Eye Compact beneath the eyes to hydrate and plump those tiny creases, resulting in a radiant complexion. This is the perfect tool to use on my celebrity clients, as it helps reduce puffiness and keep their eyes looking bright throughout those long red-carpet nights!” Already a Hollywood favorite, clients better rush to the counter to get Crema Nera Eye Compact while they can!!!

January Jones.

The exclusive new Crema Nera Eye Cream is a complete anti-aging treatment for the eye with all the powers of Crema Nera. This unique formula contains Obsidian Mineral Complex, which has four key ingredients (silicium, sodium, iron and potassium) that are essential to the regeneration of skin cells. Crema Nera Eye Cream brightens and smoothes dark circles and wrinkles, while also reducing puffiness and bags. The innovative packaging of a compact with a mirror is perfect for daily touch ups. During its spring launch, it will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and online at .

More about Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Crema Nera Obsidian Mineral Reviving Eye Compact:

Introducing Crema Nera Obsidian Mineral Reviving Eye Compact, a complete anti-aging treatment for the eye with all the powers of Crema Nera. This unique formula is an association of Obsidian Mineral Complex with key anti-aging ingredients specific to the eye area. The innovative packaging of a compact with a mirror is perfect for daily touch ups.

This unique formula combines Expanded Obsidian x 4 and Diakalyte particles to immediately brighten and smooth dark circles and wrinkles. The Expanded Obsidian x 4 is known for its exceptional optical properties ( 4 times more than Crema Nera). The Diakalyte particles are known for their light reflecting powers and mattifying and blurry effects.

In Depth: The combination of Obsidian Mineral Complex + 2 Matrikine peptides reinforce the skin’s structure from within. The Obsidian Mineral Complex acts as a structural reinforcement of the cell’s cyto-skeleton (silicon), meanwhile the 2 Matrikines PAL-GHK and PAL-GQRP construct peptides allowing the increase of fibers’ fusion, their anchoring and the contact between them. This results in firmer, smoother looking skin.

Reduction of Puffiness & Bags – Buckwheat Wax: The eye area’s tendency to lack tautness is due to the elasticity and looseness of any place in the body. The Buckwheat Wax, acting as a special draining agent to eliminate the excess of plasmatic liquid in the skin, significantly reducing puffiness and bags. The ultimate Crema Nera luxury experience.

• Spread a little product on fingertips.
• With a sliding motion, apply the product over the upper eyelid and lower eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner of eyes.
• Focus on the crow’s feet area using firm smoothing movements in order to smooth

The full CREMA NERA Collection is available online at  and at select fine department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Barneys.

Pricing: CREMA NERA Reviving Eye Compact $150
CREMA NERA Restoring Serum $250
CREMA NERA Regenerating Cream $230
CREMA NERA Mineral Soothing Lotion $80
CREMA NERA Mineral Cleansing Balm $65
CREMA NERA Mineral Cleansing Milk $65
CREMA NERA Mineral Cleansing Foam $65

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