How To Get Movie Star Eye Lashes!

Ever wondered how to get movie star eye lashes? Think: Kim Kardashian and her super long lashes.


Well, looks Talika revolutionary lashes-growing Lipocils will help you to achieve this very glamorous look.

The story started in one of the most famous hospitals in Paris and brings us today with an amazing product, LIPOCILS, that will actually make your lashes grow and get a voluptuous and yet natural look!

Makeup removers, eyelash curlers, pollution, and day-to-day wear-and-tear cause our lashes to break off before they’ve reached their longest, most fluttery length. What we lose in lashes, we sadly try to make up for in too much mascara or outlandish and increasingly troublesome eyelash extensions.

The common sense alternative? A twice-daily application of Lipocils. A magic wand for lashes, it is the only product of its kind to ever to be authorized by the Verification Bureau of Publicity in France for being true to its claims.

Clinical tests at the Salpetriere Hopitaux in Paris proved that regular use of Lipocils can increase individual lashes from 0.5 to 2.5mm. After treatment, 88% of the subjects reached their maximum genetic potential for growth, but 100% of all subjects enjoyed some lash growth. Lipocils uses a triple-threat formula of Soy Lecithin, Witch Hazel, and Allantoin to produce your longest, healthiest, most resilient lashes ever.

After the 28-day period is over, Talika experts suggest reducing applications to once per day. Perhaps they don’t want to receive another letter from a flustered customer, so distressed by her newly-long lashes, that she could no longer comfortably wear her favorite sunglasses. She wound up having to trim her lashes so her shades would fit comfortably. Someone should have told her that sometimes one suffers for beauty.

Lipocils Eyelash Gel is available for $40 at Talika’s website, with free shipping and 3 free samples of other Talika products

You will also be able to check the results of all clinical tests on this same website page.

Photo via: Kim Kardashian’s official website.

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