How To Get Rihanna’s Green Nail Polish Look

I’ve been asked by many of our readers about how to get Rihanna’s green nail polish look at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards (shown in photo below).

Rihanna flaunting her green nail polish.

Try Green-Wich Village (a vivid green that is downtown mod) from OPI 2008 Mod About Brights nail collection.

Green-Wich Village by OPI.

This season, OPI goes mod-ern with Mod About Brights, the newest selection of shades in the Brights by OPI line.

Mod About Brights captures the fun and edginess of the mod “invasion” of the Sixties, but with a bright twist that makes these colors exciting and current for 2008. And with fashion right now being all about strong color and vivid, graphic prints, these are the shades that look up-to-the-minute on fingertips and toes.

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  1. also you can try karma organic non-toxic nail polish froggy . It is beautiful must apply two coat .
    you can buy at

  2. I brought it the other day! Beautiful color.

  3. nice color.

  4. good color.

  5. i think it’s kinda lame

  6. I think it’s tacky. and it doesn’t go with her skin tone

  7. if you want Rihanna’s bright green nail polish the one she uses is China Glaze In The Lime Light .
    it looks amazing 🙂

  8. i think its nice, she wore wateva she wanted u wear, even if ppl dont think its nice. and incase ” someone” has not noticed fashion is becoming very brave. bright colors an odd patterns are in style

  9. Of course it goes with her skin tone, u no nothing u jealous cow,
    Everyone knows green looks good on tanned skin. Also if you have brown eyes green eyeshadow looks really good..Even better with a natural tan

  10. thats a load of bullshit and i should know i am a beauty therapist.

    yes green does suit brown eyes however this goes for make-up even then it depends on the shape of the face and size and shape of eyelids.

    she more then likely chosed this colour because it makes her nails look longer and anyway it clashes with her clothes.

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  12. i just looked up nail polish and found that hot topic actually has some pretty cute neon colors in: green, yellow, blue, pink and purple ..dont shop there but i’ll probably try out their nailpolish

  13. her nails look awesome i have mine that color rite now….with black and white zebra stripes

  14. i think all bright colors are cute espically dah ones rihanna rockz i got bright orange nails as we speak…us gurls gotta love fashion!


  16. Love the color. I’m rocking lime green right now!!!

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  19. Do you know where rihanna got her long blue dress from that she wore on the 7th frbrurary 2009 to some awards night? Thanks.

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