LashFood All Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioning Stimulator

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day is around the corner, why not surprise your mom with LashFood Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioning Stimulator. It is perfect for mothers of any age!

LashFood is the perfect treat for any mom looking for beautiful, long eyelashes. LashFood is an all natural eyelash and eyebrow conditioning stimulator that provides you with fuller, longer, darker and stronger lashes. LashFood is formulated using the highest grade natural ingredients including Biotin, an essential vitamin, Arginine, a natural amino acid, and root and herbal extracts.

The newest innovation of JB Cosmetics, LashFood is created by Jane Kim. JB Cosmetics is a well known cosmetic manufacturer that specializes in eyelash products and stands for sophistication and beauty. For more information, please visit . Retail cost: $129.00



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