Rachel Bilson Gets New Highlights at the Andy Lecompte Salon

Rachel Bilson leaves the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA, January 18th, 2010, where she got new highlights by colorist Denis De Souza. Do you love?

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  1. WOW… Rachel never looked so GREAT!!!! she always went for a much safer look but this time around she really surprised me!!! Where can I find the genius behind her hair color???

  2. She looks amazing.. I’m loving the highlights with the roots peeking. It’s the perfect mix of glam/casual.

  3. Loves it, so much more natural. She looks amazing! HOT!

  4. I LOVE Rachel Bilson’s new hair and I’m already setting and appointment with fabulous colorist Denis de Souza!

  5. She looks great! The color is a good change and it doesn’t look cheaply done. Kuddos to both the stylist and the girl workin’ it!

  6. She looks so beautiful! I love her new hair color… Amazing…!

  7. Wow her hair looks amazing, elegant and natural.

  8. Love it!

  9. L-O-V-E…young, fresh, sexy…

  10. amazing!!! so hot!

  11. She looks great…love the new look!!

  12. WOW… love, love, LOVE… Denis is incredible! Love the roots-fade-to-highlights look, an Andy Lecompte Salon signature that looks so natural on Rachel. This just brightens up her entire aura. Work it, girl.

  13. Loving & LIVING for the color and highlights!!!! Her hair looks beachy/sunkissed! I LOVE IT DENIS! You have to do a male version on me! 😉 Hope to see you real soon!

  14. Rachel’s highlights are fierce, loves it!

  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Such natural sun-kissed hair. Denis rocks.

  16. HOT.. I love it!!! Great job 🙂

  17. She looks beautiful and expensive. I want.

  18. FIERCE!!!!!!

  19. It looks great and makes her look younger!!

  20. Well Ive been working with celebrities for 35 years and Ive seen it all but what Ive always liked best is when someone gets its right well done Denis you got this look exactly right!

  21. oh my god… i want to have this too!! looks so natural and soft, i leave germany for denis my lovely friend ;-))

  22. Oh My God!!!!
    i WANT that look as well now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The simple look turns into a sophisticated one!
    The highlights gave her a sexy look.
    Do I love?? – ABSOLUTELY!!

  24. What is there not to love ?What I love is that it looks natural and its not over done.LOVE IT!!!

  25. I think this looks SO much better than her all dark color! This is youthful, fresh & fun! Also it looks so natural. LOVE IT!!!!

  26. I love her new hair color- it looks natural and really beautiful.. He did a fantastic job!

  27. wow!!!! wonderfull hair, the color is amazing.

  28. Her hair has never looked better! LOVES ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  29. Wow! It is beautiful! So golden and gorgeous and so natural looking! I’m going to Denis!!!

  30. Beautiful color, beautiful girl.

  31. She looks great! She’s already a pretty girl but now she has a AMAZING here to take her to the next level. Great color but still so natural looking!!

  32. She look’s beautifull and natural looking, Denis is the best in the west!!
    My hair I live just in his hands!
    Love it!!

  33. I just love the color and I wished I could go and see Denis tomorrow.

  34. LOVE IT … exactly how I want for my hair. I need an app with Denis.

  35. LOVE IT! Wow, looks like someone is ready to step out of the blah actress background. This color is way more fresh/flirty than the darker hue.

  36. Complete transformation. She looks so warm and youthful. No more black!

  37. beautifullllllllllll!!!!!!! gorgeus hair!

  38. NICE!!!! I love it!!!

  39. Her hair color is TO DIE FOR! so natural and fresh – perfect for her coloring and her overall look. I want to visit Denis at Andy Lecompte right now!!!

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