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Hello Loves:) I’m super excited to announce that 2012 has begun for me with becoming an Ambassador for Simple Skincare, a line of face care products specifically for sensitive skin. Simple Skincare is UK’s No. 1 facial skincare brand for sensitive skin and is making its US debut in February 2012! I can’t wait to tell you all about it and how great it is.


Simple The Sensitive Skin Experts

When Marta Walsh Meets Simple Skincare

I first got to know Simple Skincare when I moved to Cheltenham England. The same evening I landed in England, I took a walk to town center and right into Boots UK’s Pharmacy. Anyone who moves countries knows, and can relate to me here, that when you are new to town you always look for comforting things that make you feel like home.

Back in England, being so far away from the US, I was looking for UK skincare products particularly for sensitive skin that I felt would work for me and make me feel like home. And there it was, Simple Skincare. The fragrance-free, dye-free, harsh-chemical-free description on the bottles just made me gravitate to Simple products right away. I remember actually trying their UK body care line. And about 2 years ago when I went back to England, I stocked up with Simple facial skincare products and used them on my stay and brought the left overs to home, Scottsdale AZ.

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I sometimes feel that I wish I’d discovered Simple in my teens when I had slight acne and was desperate to find gentle skincare products that soothed my skin. In my twenties, I was also desperate for just good gentle skincare and to revive my skin after an adventurous night on the town, i.e late nights (hey we were all young before right?). But glad in my early 30s I found Simple Skincare. I feel I’ve become even more sensitive to perfumes lately, especially once I became pregnant with my two boys, but since then my sensitivity has stayed. That constant quest for a skincare line that is all about the goodness, strip out the harsh ingredients add the good vitamins and give gentle yet effective skin care. I believe Simple Skincare is one of the best kept UK skincare secrets to come to America. In my household it’s a staple. And you know, sometimes I can’t believe it’s so affordable. To me Simple skincare feels expensive because it’s so good. It’s so much more difficult i.e. more genius to make and perfect simple things and that is true in all aspects of life.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

Simple Skincare is a line of face care created specifically for sensitive skin. So if you have sensitive skin you might want to hear me out 🙂 We all go through phases when we feel a bit frustrated with our skin because it’s ‘acting up.’ When we travel, are under stress, the weather becomes too cold or too dry (like Scottsdale AZ for me it’s dry). When that happens for me, I slow down with product experiments and resort back to the basics and to products like Simple Skincare to help my skin get under control and to calm it down.

Simple Skincare products are currently available on and are arriving on beauty shelves in the US on February 1, 2012.

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