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Best Longwear Makeup

When I’m trying to decide what makeup or beauty products to buy, one of the most important things I’m looking for is how long-wearing the product is. For many products, within seconds of application they rub off on my hands, clothes, and sometimes even on other people. I don’t like to look “washed-out,” so with some trial and error I work to find the perfect makeup for me!

Best Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup in 320 Warm Golden and Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream SPF 25 in BB7. I’ve tried many foundations, but these just stay put all day and both have a matte dry finish and non-greasy shiny finish. If you’re looking for a BB Cream don’t look anywhere else, this BB Cream by Jane Iredale is by far the best on the market. Most other BB Creams I’ve tried are too greasy and watery and they feel like a moisturizer as oppose to a foundation. The Jane Iredale one has the perfect balance of both.

Best Lipstick and Lipgloss

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Light It Up (light coral shade) and Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Hot Shot (light bubble gum Pink shade). The lip-gloss by itself has great staying power, but when paired it with the lipstick – oh boy, you get nonstop color! These smells and feel cinnamon mint and very soothing. They are not greasy like so many lipsticks and lipgloss. These imo the best lipstick and lipgloss on the market today!

Best Eye Makeup

Bare Minerals Ready Eye Shadow in The Top Shelf (these are very clean eye shadows that have the perfect amount of shimmer without looking messy and glittery) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eye Liner in Noir (black shade – this one just does not smudge for hours!).

Best Face Powder

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base Powder Foundation SPF 20 in Light Beige helps keep my foundation shine-free and in place all day.

Best Nail Polish

Essie First Base – a base coat that prolongs the staying power of any Essie nail polish – and then Essie Good To Go Top Coat, which provides a nice glossy finish to nail color, making it last longer.

Best Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Pantene advanced keratin repair shampoo and Conditioner make my hair super smooth and frizz free that lasts for days. I also love Pantene Touchable Volume Hairspray that I spray after styling (please spray lightly and on ends), it smells amazing a keeps my hair style in place, it’s not sticky at all. And before I use a flat iron I spay Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect which smells so nice and protects my hair from heat while keeping my hair silky soft.

And of course, to remove all that great stuff without risking skin irritation, I use my old time favorites: Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes and Simple Make-Up Remover Pads.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin. For more tips and deals from Simple, join the Simple VIP community.

Eye Makeup Essentials

If I don’t have my eye makeup done I just don’t feel ready for the world, ha. I’m sure you can relate. I have a few must-have eye makeup products, and at the end of the day I must remove it all because my eyes tend to be sensitive to mascara. So these are my eye makeup essentials.

MAC Pigment in Naked is a highly-concentrated loose color powder. You can wear this day or night… it shimmers, it’s long lasting, it’s glamorous.

Anastasia Beverly Hills long wearing black eye liner. I’ve tested a lot of eyeliner brands by drawing a line on the top of my hand and smudging them with my other hand. This one was the ONLY one that didn’t erase! The proof is in the pudding, ha.

MAC Extended Play Lash (in black of course), a lightweight curling, lifting Mascara in a glossy shade of Endless Black. This is my favorite because it really separates, lengthens and thickens without making a mess or clumping!

Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads are what I use at the end of the day to gently remove all that eye makeup fun. These wipes by Simple are the perfect gentle cleansers with added vitamins to effectively remove makeup, even waterproof mascara. The pads don’t sting or irritate my delicate eyes and sensitive skin.

What are your favorite eye makeup essentials?

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin. For more tips and deals from Simple, join the Simple VIP community. 

5 Reasons To Exfoliate Your Skin

My skincare routine simply isn’t complete without one key step: exfoliating my face. Before I discovered exfoliating, I would struggle to get rid of old and tired skin, which doesn’t comes off easily with just water in the shower. I thank god for inventing a face scrub… ohhh, the little things in life. Here are 5 reasons to exfoliate.

1. It gives me an excuse to use my favorite face scrub: the Simple Skincare Smoothing Facial Scrub, which gently lifts dry, dead skin cells and helps my skin look brighter and more evenly textured. Rice Powder is the exfoliating ingredient in this one, and it works.

2. It makes my 2 favorite foundations – Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup and Laura Mercier NEW SmoothFinish Foundation Powder – go onto my skin with ease, and makes my final look super smooth and radiant.

Simple Is On Pinterest

Simple Skincare is officially on Pinterest and to celebrate, they want to give YOU a chance to WIN a gift bag filled with your favorite Simple products, plus a $50 American Express gift card! Starting September 9th through September 27th, visit Pinterest and follow Simple Skincare.

Enter to win by doing one of the following:

Ways to Win

Simple Inspiration

• Upload your own pin using content from the Simple Blog or Simple YouTube page using the #SimpleInspiration hashtag.

Simple Skin-Loving recipes

Beauty starts from the inside. It begins with your attitude all the way to what you eat. Here are some skin-loving recipes for a healthy skin by the Simple Advisory Board. Nutritionist Ellie Krieger. Ellie is a New York Times bestselling author and host of the Cooking Channel’s hit show “Healthy Appetite.”

Simple Skin-Loving recipes by Ellie Krieger. “Healthy skin is helped by healthy eating.”

This doesn’t mean you have to go on some crazy diet – rather that by focusing on the healthiest choices, you can have great skin and eat deliciously. You may not know that eating different foods can help target specific skin issues. For example, if you have dry skin, try eating more nuts and seeds, oil-rich fish like salmon, avocado and healthy oils like olive oil. When you eat the right food, you will see results and improve your skin. It’s about making small steps, and doing it deliciously!” 

Beach Bag Essentials

When I go to the beach I like to keep it simple, yet I don’t like to look too much like a “schlump.” To look good even while on the beach I like to use the following products: Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with UV protection of course under my makeup. This cream is light and straightforward, perfume free, and hydrating. I don’t forget my under eye area, and for that a must-have is the Simple Soothing Eye Balm.

Personalized Skincare Suggestions From Simple

Simple Skincare recently developed Simple Sensea  tool that looks at your skincare regimen, diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress levels to determine a skincare routine that’s right for you. With the help of the Simple Advisory Board (or, the SAB) – a nutritionist, psychiatrist, fitness expert, makeup artist and dermatologist who all want to help you create a skin-loving lifestyle – you get a personalized skincare report to help revamp your skincare regiment and lifestyle.

Have you ever wanted to give your skin a makeover but weren’t sure where to start? Well, you can cut down your search by simply answering few questions, and the SAB will produce a quick summary of what products to use and what easy steps you can take to help you get that skin you want.

Simple Sense

Simple Sense

Simple Skincare Buy 2 Save $2

Have you been wanting to try those Simple Skincare products I talk so much about, but you’ve been hesitating? Now is the perfect time – Simple has a “buy 2, save $2” promotion with Safeway going on now until June 11. Now is the perfect time to stock up on some of my favorite Simple products – I especially love their cleansers, like Moisturizing Facial Wash and Smoothing Facial Scrub. I also love the Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes (a must-have for summer).  So just head over your local Safeway – mine is in Scottsdale Arizona – and take advantage of this great sale with Simple. I know you can’t resist a good deal, ha!

Simple BUY 2 Get $2 OFF

Simple Skincare Buy 2 Save $2

Simple BUY 2 SAVE $2


This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin. For more tips and deals from Simple, join the Simple VIP community.

Welcome to Simple Skincare’s New Blog

One of my favorite skincare brands, Simple Skincare, just launched their brand new blog – Making Sense of Skincare. This blog a place to talk and learn about how to take care of even the most sensitive skin. In the blog you will find everything you need to embrace healthy living and healthy skin, as well as news and updates about all things Simple. Click here for a first look – they just launched!

Simple skincare blog

Simple skincare new blog: From their welcome blog post

“Whether it’s designing new products, researching what’s important to you or ensuring the highest quality ingredients, I’m here to share what I know – friend to friend – so you can feel amazing and knowledgeable about your skin. You’ll also be hearing from my colleague Michelle, who will be updating you on the latest happenings with the brand here in the US and how you can get involved. Not only that but we’ll be featuring guest posts from some of our famous, skin fabulous friends. No matter what your skin type, join the fun and remember that happy skin is healthy skin. Happy skincare” – Leslie, Simple Team Member.

Remember back in the day when we just looked at products in the stores? They felt so unreachable and removed from us! Now anyone and everyone can connect with a brand and interact… and Simple hopes you will! They’re looking to hear from you with feedback about their products, their voice, or anything! So make sure to visit Simple’s blog and get connected with the Simple Skincare family.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin. For more tips and deals from Simple, join the Simple VIP community.

What’s In My Beauty Bag

Spring is officially here! It’s exciting to finally see more sunshine, and to, of course, look good. So here is a sample of what’s in my beauty bag to help me feel good.

For my skin, and especially the skin on my face, I love Simple Skincare products. I don’t believe you need to use fancy or expensive skincare products to keep your skin in shape and looking amazing. I like to wash my face with Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash in the shower or to help remove makeup and dirt. It feels very creamy, yet light, refreshing and super gentle to my skin. I also love the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads. This one is a must-have. Just wipe and go. I seriously can’t function without these. Both products are fragrance free, which is a god sent, ha. Don’t like perfumes on my skin.

What's In My Beauty Bag

What’s In My Beauty Bag

For my hair I’ve discovered U Luxury, aka United Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner – a UK brand. It smells light and very moisturizing without weighing my hair down.