Erin Fetherston Fall/Winter 2010 Makeup

WATCH: Marta Walsh interviews Makeup by MAC Cosmetics Lead Makeup Artist Lucia Pica backstage at Erin Fetherston Fall 2010 during New York Fashion Week.

The Inspiration: The designer wanted to have 70s gorgeous glowing skin but not too retro to keep it very natural, cool, young, and fresh. She looks like a girl who’s been running through the fields. Keeping the techniques and products very simple as if the look happened naturally in the fields, as if the makeup artist was not there. All the models have fringes/bangs which was inspired by Nico from The Velvet Underground.

The Look: Is all about the natural glowing skin and pink flushed cheeks.

How To Get The Look:

Skin: A moisturizer mixed with few drops of MAC Care Blends Essential Oil and massaged into skin, quite a vigorous massage to really get the blood flowing. Conceal any blemishes.

Cheeks: MAC Fearless Lipstick on the cheeks. The reason Lucia chose a lipstick for blush because it contains the right amount of oil to give that glow, even cream blushes can be sometimes too matte. Heavy moisturizer on the cheekbones. To keep the all look not too greasy or “ugly” powder is added to soften the shine.

Lips: Also use MAC Fearless lipstick as a stain only in the middle of the lips and just tap lips to blend.

Eyes: Lucia wanted to create contour to the eyes but keep the glow so again she is using this time a MAC lipstick named Cocochino (Available August 2010) which is a bronzy brown all over the eye lids. Lip balm is added to the inner corners of the eye to create a highlight. Powder is also added under eye to prevent too much reflection.

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