Ashley Tisdale with Brown Hair

Guess the actress in the photo below? Yes! Can you believe it, Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical with brown hair.

Ashley TisdaleĀ gone darker with a brown hue. I’m only used to one High School Musical brunette: Vanessa Hudgens. I wonder how long Ashley will sport this look. I know when I dye my hair brown it dosn’t last long, I harry back to my blonde highlights. Not sure why, maybe because brown hair makes me feel a bit more ‘gloomy’. What do you think, do you love Ashley Tisdale’s new brown hair look?

In the photo above: Joining Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in Spain on Friday were costars Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu. The gang posed pretty during a photocall for High School Musical 3: Senior Year at the ME Hotel in Madrid.


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  1. she’s a natural brunette, so it’s probably a lot less maitenance this way.

  2. hi ashley i love u sooooooooooo much and i wish that i talk to u if u talk to me realy u will had so much fun and realy i love you

  3. i love ashley brown hair, it makes her look more mature.

  4. i love you sooooooo much im a huge fan ang i love your hair brown or blonde your great

  5. i love zac efron

  6. Ashley’s natural hair colour is brunette, i am her no.1 fan!!!!! I LOVE HER SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ashley tisdale i hope u n zac gt bck 2gether ur soo cute i h8t vannessa she took awai zac 4rm u so plz do love him n i love ur brunette hair u r more mature 4 ur age and u look gorgeuos im u numbr 1 fan n i hope u saty the wai u look but i want u to have a balck hiar or brunette not BLONDE u look abit childish love ur new album ITS ALRIGHT ITS OK but than vennassa songz ur awsome bye love ur hair no changing plz i c u on e news plz read this go 2 dis everdaii plz bi loove mwah.

  8. I think she looks pretty either way blonde or brown

  9. corbin blue looks awful!!!

  10. everyboby!!!shut up with the ashley and zac couple!!!who cares if they “look” good together-and if thts wat u think-ur SHALLOW!!ur a rude,snobby,**** brat!!!!he picked vannessa!!!it didnt work with ashley!!!get over it!!it would be rude if she kept trying to steal him away from her!!!so shut up!

    (meant for lisa-june 6 2009)

  11. omg love it

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