How To get Your Hair Clean and Silky Smooth With Avon

I recently had the chance to try out few products from the Avon Advance Techniques salon professional hair care collection and I would like to share with you my favorites.

I’m a big fanatic about getting my hair clean, not weighted down, and very soft and silky. And this how I got my hair clean and silky smooth using products from the Avon Advance Techniques collection.

First I clarified my hair with Avon Advance Techniques Purifying Treatment Shampoo from all the build up on my hair from the week, all the swimming, serums and hair sprays.

This shampoo by Avon does just what it promises, cleanse my hair and removes all buildup so my hair can finally breath. It made styling easier for me and added an amazing movement to it. It got rid of that sticky feeling hair, when you hair so weighted down you can’t even comb your hair nicely. I use my regular shampoo daily and incorporate Avon’s clarifying treatment into my hair care regimen once a week or whenever I feel my hair feels weighted down.  

Avon Advance Techniques Purifying Treatment Shampoo is a once a week treatment shampoo designed to remove residue and product build up releasing hair’s natural shine and movement. Here is a styling tip from Jaqui Monteiro, Avon’s Global Stylist Advisor: “If you have color treated hair it’s good to use Purifying Treatment Shampoo after swimming to quickly remove any chlorine, chemicals and/or salt that could cause dulling build-up.”

After shampooing I used Avon Advance Techniques Celloshine Treatment which is a weightless shine enhancing treatment rinse.



This treatment builds luminous shine and pumps up the volume without residue. Suitable for all hair types. How does it work? Optical Reflector technology works with the heat of your shower to infuse shine without weighting hair down. Apply after shampooing. Leave in for three minutes and rinse out. Can be used instead of your regular conditioner.

Here is a tip from Allen Ruiz, Avon’s Global Stylist Advisor: “Make sure to squeeze excess water out of hair prior to applying Celloshine Treatment. If hair is completely saturated with water, it is hard for your treatment to effectively penetrate hair.”

Before styling and blow drying I used Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum which I love. I have been using Serum Oleo-Relax by Kerastase for a long time now, and Avon’s Dry Ends Serum worked just as good to me. I now alternate between the two.

Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum dramatically smooths dry damaged ends. Seals the cuticle to tame flyaways, leaving hair incredibly shiny and silky-soft. It contains UV filters for added sun protection.

Other great products in the Avon Advance Techniques hair care collection includes: Lock-In-Treatment: a color protection spray that allows you to maintain hair color 5x longer. And, Grey root Touch-Up: a fast and easy way to conceal grey hairs between colorings (shades include: Black, Brunette, and Light Brown).

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