Lumene Sensitive Touch Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve been seeing great skincare brands at CVS lately and one of them is Lumene. I haven’t tried the whole range yet, but I did try the Lumene Sensitive Touch Eye Makeup Remover. It was very gentle on my eyes, wasn’t oily at all, and it’s fragrance-free (I’m a fragrance-free fanatic at times:). And lastly, it did what it was designed to do, it removed my eye makeup.

Lumene Sensitive Touch Eye Makeup Remover the description on :

This gentle eye makeup remover gently and effectively removes water-soluble eye makeup. Its pH level is gentle on the eyes and makes it suitable for contact lens wearers too. In co-operation with Finnish Allergy- and Asthma Federation.

Organic Linen Seed Extract soothes and strengthens the skin and protects it against external irritants, has anti-inflammatory effect, its natural polysaccharides have restructuring effect on skin and forms a microfilm on skin’s surface which helps to prevent penetration of irritants / allergens- skin is less irritated.

Lumene Sensitive Touch products are: alcohol-free, colorant-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, silocone-free

How To Use: Soak some cotton wool with eye makeup remover. Hold the cotton wool against the closed eyelid for a moment and then lightly wipe off your eye makeup.

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