MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, Skin Refined Zone & Transparent Finishing Powder Q&A with Gordon Espinet Vice President Global Makeup Artistry, M·A·C Worldwide.

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, Skin Refined Zone & Transparent Finishing Powder Q&A with Gordon Espinet Vice President Global Makeup Artistry, M·A·C Worldwide.

Q: What are the benefits of using makeup primer?
Using a makeup primer helps to perfect skins appearance as well as ease makeup application. It’s about using the best technology available to give the consumer the results they want, but without the a heavy makeup look. They want a visually perfect editorial finish without the use of additional colour products. At M·A·C, we are extremely focused on our artistry but are still very technology-driven. That is what the Prep + Prime Collection helps to do, in part by decreasing the need for additional color resulting in a more natural effect.

Q: Compared to other primers and line fillers, what makes the Prep + Primer Liner Filler and Skin Refined Zone different? How do they work with makeup?
Prep + Prime Line Filler and Skin Refined Zone does not alter skin’s natural tone regardless of being light, medium or dark. They don’t look peach on pale skin or lighten darker skin tones. It truly is colorless. Because they also dry-down quickly, it allows me to get the makeup when I’m in a panicked rush – they’re very makeup artist friendly.

Q: I’ve heard the Transparent Finishing Powder was especially popular backstage during Fashion Week. What makes it so special and appropriate for backstage usage?
Yes. It was extremely popular. In fact, it was used at Zac Posen, Badgley Mischka, Stella McCartney, Behnaz Sarafpour, Alberta Ferretti and Giles. To quote one of the makeup artists backstage: “It’s a powder that removes shine but doesn’t remove radiance.” It also casts enough of a glow to diffuse light, like when you put a filter on a camera lens without making it look too fuzzy.

Q: Any tips and tricks for using the Prep & Prime collection?
First of all, treat it as though it is makeup. Use the Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone and Skin Protectant all over a clean face. Use Line Filler to target areas where you want to create a softer contour. It’s not spackle so don’t think a wrinkle will completely go away. It creates an optical illusion that instantly softens lines and ultimately helps diminish their appearance over time. Fill in the areas around and under the eyes (avoiding the lid) and the smile lines, center of the brow as well as the forehead. Tap, don’t rub when applying the Liner Filler and know that it will dry down quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to apply any other makeup you want to wear.

Once the other products have settled in, use the Transparent Finishing Powder in the t-zone or all over so that it gives you a glow. I find if you use the Prep + Prime products, you only need about half as much foundation or tinted moisturizer to get the same results.

Q: Can men use these products?
All skin types and tones can use these products, because they don’t make your face look made-up. They simply improve the way light reflects off of the skin. And you won’t be wiping color off on a shirt collar or handkerchief.

Q: How has High Definition television changed your job?
Television used to be about slapping on makeup, the fuller the coverage, the better. The way the lighting was previously done, heavy makeup couldn’t always be detected and flaws did not show as readily. Now television makeup artists must have a lighter touch and take the time to create a perfected face, more like editorial and photography – without the retouching. Light layers and contrast become very important and everything is seen through a magnifying glass. For both the consumer and professional makeup artist, you want to create a look where you really don’t see the makeup. Now, it’s so amazing how you can use foundation and not be able to tell. Prep + Prime makes makeup more mistake-proof. It gives the novice a professional touch.

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