MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, Skin Refined Zone & Transparent Finishing Powder Q&A with Nick Gavrelis

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, Skin Refined Zone & Transparent Finishing Powder Q&A with Nick Gavrelis, Vice President, Global Product Development, Face and PRO, MAC Cosmetics.

Q: Can you talk about the concept of the Prep + Prime collection? How does it differ from typical skincare products?
M·A·C Prep + Prime products bridge the gap between makeup and skincare. Given M·A·C’s inherent credibility with makeup, this premise has really matured over the years. The primer category has become more relevant and now has such a following that we needed to expand our offering. Prep + Prime is a unique franchise for M·A·C. When we launched the original products, we knew they would have a cult following – not just with M·A·C artists but also other professionals and ultimately the consumer.

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler, Skin Refined Zone & Transparent
Finishing Powder are part of the latest MAC Colour Ready
makeup collection.

Q: How does Prep + Prime differ from other primers and fillers on the market?
Prep + Prime products are different because they were specifically developed to work with all of our makeup products. Because primers often fall under a skincare category, products are not formulated to necessarily perform with and enhance the look of makeup. We developed Prep + Prime and formulated them to work and play well with foundations and powders. They are also designed to be used under or over makeup-or even alone, for an “un-makeup” look. Prep + Prime products refine the appearance of skin without color or coverage, which makes them appropriate for men to use because they don’t feel like they’re wearing makeup. The global feedback from M·A·C artists grooming men for fashion, film, etc is that these products have provided an approachable way to apply makeup on men without any intimidation. Prep + Prime truly works for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.

Q: What was the strategy behind launching these 3 new products? What needs do they fill?
M·A·C started out as a very young brand, and over the years, our fans grew older and we needed to address their changing needs. Prep + Prime is our introduction into anything having to do with aging – filling in lines and embracing a facet of cosmetics that we haven’t really done before. Hence the development of Prep + Prime Line Filler. While this yields beautiful results for an older consumer, it also lessens the look of imperfections that a younger woman may have.
Skin Refined Zone came about because pores are always an issue for any person, regardless of age. This product actually treats the skin and the pores as well. There is an instant result as well as long term claims and benefits.

Transparent Finishing Powder was simply amazing from the start, the formula, the texture, everything. No one has ever considered powders in this way – as both a treatment and a makeup powder. The powder can be used under or over makeup and is amazing at eliminating shine without buildup or appearing cakey.

Q: Can you briefly discuss what each of the new products brings to the collection in terms of new technology, ingredients and end results for the user?
Prep + Prim Line Filler: Our M·A·C consumer becoming more and more sophisticated – they wanted products that would have both instant and lasting results. So with the Line Filler we wanted to build in long-term benefits for a reduction in pore size and facial expression lines to ultimately create smooth, refined skin. There is an immediate filling of the lines using three different technologies: Advanced Optics uses microspheres to scatter light and give optical blurring as well as absorb sebum. For the Line Filler, we also developed what we called Expression Relaxing Technology with Gatuline and Argireline. Together they help relax the look of facial tension and expression lines by boosting skin’s natural collagen production. The lines are filled from the inside out and skin instantly looks younger. After 8 weeks of use, 83% of users showed lifting improvement and 87% had a reduction of lines. It’s also very comfortable on the skin, neither tight nor heavy and works well with makeup. This triggers the skin’s internal healing mechanism to fill in the visible lines and wrinkles. This is a new approach to lessening the appearance wrinkles and fine lines giving you your younger skin back, but better.

Skin Refined Zone: This product is all about hi-tech optics. The microspheres fill in the lines, diffuse light and absorb excess oil. There is an immediate matte look to the skin and a reduction in the overall pore size. Over the next 4-6 weeks of use, pores shrink to two-thirds of original size. Continued use will show more long-term results and improvement. The product also contains a low level of salicylic acid to get rid of bacteria.

Transparent Finishing Powder: This powder has already become legendary with the MAC PRO Team and freelance artists at Fashion Week. One thing we really strived for was a powder that would have long-lasting effects but also feels feather-light and has no color. To achieve this, we combined corn starch, silica and micronized mica. Corn starch has a beautiful affinity for skin and creates a smooth, weightless texture. Silica has smoothing and absorptive properties that gently lifts oil without dehydrating skin. Finally, micronized mica adds dimension to the skin, while smoothing away the appearance of lines and imperfections.

All three of these products offer a refinement to the skin with an insurance policy of absorption-all without adding unpleasant texture and thick spackle-like layers to the skin.

Q: What makes these products suited for HDTV?
What makes this collection so timely is that whoever wears these products is going to photograph or film beautifully in high-definition. The products will look invisible to the naked eye, which is the key to creating a flawless makeup. We can now create thin layers and end up giving no color or texture. Makeup can be layered over and over again and artists can go in for touch ups without creating texture or changing the color of skin. The face will photograph well and look amazing to the naked eye in broad daylight. As television stations now move into high definition technology, higher pixilation and more perceptible lighting, Prep + Prime will help create beautiful makeup on television.

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