Privé Concept Vert Shampoo and Conditoner

The fist time I became aware of Privé hair care products was at the Elizabeth Arden salon reopening in Biltmore Phoenix AZ, they were on their product shelf. I finally got to try them this morning and I’m very impressed. I was worried it won’t be effective in cleaning my hair as I noticed this is the case in some ‘green’ hair products.

Why I love Privé Concept Vert Shampoo and Conditioner?

The shampoo at first seems bit too creamy but it does lather and cleans my hair. In fact I even washed my makeup brushes with Privé and it got my brushes the cleanest removing heavy foundation marks. I was amazed. So the shampoo is sulfate free good for you shampoo, gentle, and it works. The Privé Concept Vert conditioner is super rich and instantly hydrating. And it smells really good. Worth checking it out loves:)

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