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Ashley Greene Arriving The Late Show With David Letterman

Twilight’s star Ashley Greene arrived to The Late Show With David Letterman the other day with THIS outfit! What do you think guys? Usually I’m pretty open minded, but this one is not so easy on my eyes:)

Madonna’s On Late Show With David Letterman

Madonna appeared on Late Show With David Letterman recently and I happen to love her hairstyle. I’m a beauty blogger after all and I notice these things. I love the wide side part, the length, bit of wave, and volume. I wonder who did Madonna’s hair. And, she looks amazing for a woman in her 50’s. Madonna is the perfect example of  “you are as old as you feel”. Quite inspiring!

Do you also love Madonna’s hair on the Late Show With David Letterman, or it’s just me?:)

Watch Madonna’s interview with David Letterman, just in case you’ve missed it: