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It’s alive! MopShots that is. MopShots is by, for and about the elite group of style-minded people like yourself who are dedicated to important things like grooming, coloring, cutting, taming, curling, straightening, teasing, braiding, etc. And I was chosen to be one of their Dictators!  I get to comment on different hairstyles and give my insight on what I think is a ‘good hair day’:) 

Whomever said “you are what you eat” was obviously misguided, because, as anyone with a head of hair knows, you are, in fact, how you wear your mop.

What we promise? A sense of camaraderie from special “hair-brained” persons like yourself. An insider’s guide to all things cutting edge in the realm of “mane-tenance.” “Cutting edge” trends. More bad puns and, most importantly, photographs from users like you – and talented local stylists – that feature the most enviable hairstyles in your city, and beyond.