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Sexy Bond Girl Hairstyles
Sexy Bond Girl Hairstyles

From “Quantum of Solace” to the days of Sean Connery, see the hair looks we love and how to steal ’em


Sexy Bond Girl Hairstyles

So most people (er, guys) watch James Bond movies for the action, the cars and the gadgets. But we watch them to see how the Bond girls strategically seduce Mr. Bond with their beauty (hair and makeup looks to be specific). Which is why we rounded up the hottest hair looks from the many decades of Bond movies and, of course, the newest Bond flick. Read on to learn key tricks on getting these hairstyles at home.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Hairstyles

I LOVE Jennifer Aniston’s hair color and hairstyle, and I just wanted to share few pics of  Jennifer, courtesy of Hope you are inspired as much as I am…I know I want my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston’s. I’m working on it, hehe.

Click the pic below to see Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Hairstyles!

Jennifer Aniston